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Around The World In 50 Birds Jigsaw Puzzle by Mike Unwin & Ryuto Miyake

I recently surprised myself by doing exceptionally well in the Learned League’s Birds-themed Mini-League, held in the long-running online trivia game’s off-season. I finished second in my group, which qualified me for the finals, tho I ultimately turned in a middling performance in the championship quiz. Still, it was a pretty good showing for someone …

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The Deck Of Many Drinks by Jef Aldrich & Jon Taylor

subtitled The RPG Cocktail Recipe Deck with Powerful Effects! A part of the Dungeonmeister line of books and gaming aids. This has got to be one of the most fun and useful items I’ve ever whipped out while running a game of Dungeons & Dragons. Sure, there may have been more fun items, not that …

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Magic The Gathering Oracle Deck by Adam Lee & Fred Gissubel

It was one of the nicest surprises of my reviewer life to receive this package, unsolicited, in the mail! Back when the American Library Association’s Annual Conference was held in DC two years ago, I was subcontracted by Wizards Of The Coast to run D&D games for librarians. As part of my experience, I got …

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Thailand: A Color-Your-Own Travel Journal & London: A Color-Your-Own Travel Journal by Evie Carrick

with illustrations by Emma Taylor. As someone who enjoys both travel and art, the idea of Color-Your-Own Travel Journals absolutely appeals to me. While the prospect of actually creating my own travel journals from scratch seems immensely daunting, having guides like these, that provide not only outlines to apply my creative imagination to but also …

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Keepers Of The Light: Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray & Lily Moses

A few weeks ago, I moseyed over to my favorite local bookstore for a free Tarot reading by the phenomenal Jane Prompeng. I was super intrigued by the way she incorporated Oracle cards into her readings, especially since the cards she pulled for me from this deck were so beautiful and, ultimately, meaningful. When their …

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The Ultimate RPG Game Master’s Guide by James D’Amato

subtitled Advice And Tools To Help You Run Your Best Game Ever! There is so much useful information packed into this relatively slender volume, not only for anyone aspiring to run role-playing games but also for more experienced Game Masters looking to hone their skills. All the advice here is system agnostic by design, which …

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Pretty Simple Coloring: Joy by Adams Media

subtitled 45 Easy-To-Color Pages Inspired By Whimsy And Fun. With bonus review of Pretty Simple Coloring: Love: 45 Easy-To-Color Pages Inspired By Happiness And Love, as the publicist generously sent me a copy of that book, as well! Adult coloring books are still going strong, with the market increasingly diversifying to cater to various interests …

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The No-Girlfriend Rule by Christen Randall

First of all, the No-Girlfriend Rule is bullshit. If you’re new to role-playing games and are told that your partner’s group doesn’t allow girlfriends, I don’t want you to have to spend time reading this (excellent) book to learn that that “rule” is manifest garbage, and you either need to find a new partner or …

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Table Titans Club by Scott Kurtz

Y’all. Y’ALL! So many books about girls getting into D&D focus way too much on nonsensical interpersonal drama that often reveals the author’s inability to process their own emotions, but this? THIS?! Is the best book on being a young female roleplayer I’ve read in possibly forEVER. Val Winters is less than thrilled to be …

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Divine Deco Tarot by Gerta Oparaku Egy

I have been trying really hard not to buy more Tarot decks, but the moment I saw the graceful figures Gerta Oparaku Egy uses on her cards, I knew I had to own this one. This deck was inspired by three disparate influences that resonate deeply with me. The first and most obvious is dance, …

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