The Chronicles of the Black Company by Glenn Cook

“The Chronicles of the Black Company ” is a dark epic fantasy by Glenn Cook. It depicts the travels of the Black Company a band of ruthless mercenaries as they switch from side to side. It is told in the voice of the Company’s surgeon and chronicler who’s fantasies about the ruling lady take him and the company on a wild ride.

While initially disappointing that the character development did not include any back stories, it became clear that this was intentional to force you to see these mercenaries as who they are and who they become.

What was most enjoyable was it showcased fantasy from the perspective of the soldier on the ground. As with most epic fantasies the perspective is from the ruling class, however the Chronicles showcase the grunt point of view which is a refreshing change.

“The Chronicles of The Black Company” is a recommend read if you want to get your gritty fantasy fix while waiting for the next installment of “A Song of Fire and Ice”

One side note is this series has a companion series called the “Books of the South” while a good read it lost some of rawness of the original.

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