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Afro Unicorn: The Land of Afronia, Vol. 1 by April Showers & Ronaldo Barata

Interestingly, it says “text by Terrance Crawford” in the credits as well, and I’m not sure exactly what that means. Credit where it’s due, tho? So this is a cute story that champions black representation in children’s fantasy, particularly of the cute anthropomorphic fantastic beast variety. Afronia is a magical land in the stars populated …

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Witch’s Business by Diana Wynne Jones

Also known in some markets as Wilkins’ Tooth. I’m joining my pal Emily for A Year Of Diana Wynne Jones, a project she recently started where she and other interested readers go through the entire DWJ oeuvre over the course of a year. I decided to dip in and out as books were available to …

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Camouflage Mom by Sarah Hovorka & Elif Balta Parks

subtitled A Story About Staying Connected. Wow, this is a weird one for me to review. Coming at it from the perspective of a (theoretical) child whose parent has entered the military, I absolutely appreciate having a book like this, to console a kid who’s missing their parent and to assure them that the bond …

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Bunnybirds Vol 1 by Natalie Linn

In the world of the Bunnybirds (essentially rabbits with wings,) the most important thing is to stay light-hearted so that one can fly freely with the rest of the flock. Princess Aster has been taught that heavy emotions lead to leaden wings, so she, like the rest of the Bunnybirds who live in splendid isolation …

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The Best Worst Camp Out Ever by Joe Cepeda

When I was a kid, I too loved the romance of camping outdoors. Once I actually encountered the realities of it tho, I realized that God invented air-conditioning for a reason. Indoor plumbing? A gift to be cherished. King-sized mattresses? Something to be savored and enjoyed. Ofc, I wasn’t going to discourage my own kids …

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I Am Here by Karen Kilpatrick & Tammy Do

This delightful children’s book is a wonderful reminder of the power of being present and engaged with your kids. It is, astonishingly, one of those books that does double duty as both a comfort to kids and as a nudge to their adult caretakers, handling both responsibilities with aplomb. First, tho, let’s talk about the …

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Double Booking: The Tail of the Mummy Cat by Chas! Pangburn, Kim Shearer & Nic Touris

Oh gosh, I hope this is the first in a series, as it was just absolutely delightful! Siblings Nan and Otto are pulled out of art camp one summer when their travel blogger mom gets a plum, last-minute assignment in Egypt. Fortunately, her employer will pay for her kids to come along with her. Nan, …

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Honoring Our Planet! Think! by Linda Miller

subtitled A Book About Celebrating Earth. Happy Earth Day, readers! What better time to think about ways to help the planet than today? Linda Miller’s children’s book Honoring Our Planet! Think! is an exhortation to readers that couldn’t come at a more suitable time. The book is presented in a fairly straightforward format, opening with …

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Kai’s Ocean Of Curiosities by Joséphine Topolanski

Well, for the most part it’s by Joséphine Topolanski. I feel like a number of liberties have been taken in the English translation by Johanna McCalmont, but as I don’t have the full text of the original French to compare it with, I’ll mostly have to make educated guesses as to what survived translation. The …

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Walkin’ The Dog by Chris Lynch

Louis is a good kid, but his life isn’t the typical kind you see portrayed in the media. His dad took early retirement from firefighting in the city to become a fisherman in a much more laidback environment. His mom is a perennial do-gooder who wound up getting significantly hurt while breaking up a fight …

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