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Long Chills And Case Dough by Brandon Sanderson

Given the way this year has been going, it seemed only fitting to (finally, belatedly) start my Year Of Sanderson with the last book released as part of his gargantuan Kickstarter. And let’s be honest, I likely won’t finish reading the other four books he sent out by the end of the calendar year. Fortunately, …

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Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive #3) by Brandon Sanderson

I mean… I knew this was going to be insane but I didn’t know how much. I cried at least twice, over several different characters, and I laughed out loud so many more times. On its own, it’s just a rip-roaring good time, well-written, great action sequences, terrific plot twists, incredibly well-thought out universe (and …

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Edgedancer (The Stormlight Archive #2.5) by Brandon Sanderson

Hahaha, one of the other reviews of this I read said something along the lines of Lift being like DeeDee from Dexter’s Laboratory and I was all “yassss, I love her!” which prolly wasn’t the other reviewer’s intent but he sounds boring anyway. So! If you are bothered by exuberant protagonists whose primary concern is …

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Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive #2) by Brandon Sanderson

I HAD ALL THE FEELINGS. I did not, however, cry for forty pages straight as I had with the first book in the series: instead, I burned with all sorts of emotions for and with the characters. There were parts where I literally wanted someone to hold me back, because were it possible to enter …

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The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1) by Brandon Sanderson

You can read the review of my first read-through here It’s weird re-reading books, what you remember and what you don’t. I remembered very vividly the biology and quantum physics of The Way Of Kings, as well as that brutal final battle that had me crying for forty pages straight. I remembered Syl but she …

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Mistborn: Secret History by Brandon Sanderson

Immediately upon finishing Bands Of Mourning, I went to Amazon and purchased this novella. Now, everyone will warn you that you can’t read this book without having read the entirety of the first Mistborn trilogy, and I am no different. But I will further recommend that you read this soon after reading those books, because …

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Bands Of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson

Just Goddamnit, Brandon Sanderson, why are you so good?!?! HOW are you so good?! I spent far too much time yelling at the book like it was an Arsenal match, it was that engaging. At one point, I pounded my fists on the table with rage. Really terrific installment. The Mistborn series just gets better …

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The Alloy of Law (Mistborn #4) by Brandon Sanderson

While this book didn’t have the same “Wtf, did that actually just happen?!” plot twists that are a Sanderson hallmark (I mean, I knew what would happen to Lessie and who Mr Suit had to be pretty quickly,) this was definitely a solidly entertaining, if not downright excellent projection of progress in Scandria (is that …

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The Mistborn Trilogy Boxed Set by Brandon Sanderson

Ugh, Brandon Sanderson, why are you so good at writing?!?! Stayed up the other night just to finish this, and cried my way through the ending. Not as badly as I cried through 40 entire pages near the end of Way of Kings (which was also partly due, I feel, to the Mistborn trilogy being …

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