The Mistborn Trilogy Boxed Set by Brandon Sanderson

Ugh, Brandon Sanderson, why are you so good at writing?!?!

Stayed up the other night just to finish this, and cried my way through the ending. Not as badly as I cried through 40 entire pages near the end of Way of Kings (which was also partly due, I feel, to the Mistborn trilogy being stylistically less polished than WoK, but that’s understandable since Sanderson continues to hone his craft to exquisite result,) but still, there was quiet sobbing in the dark. It was a very satisfying conclusion, though, and cements my respect for Sanderson even more.

I’m also glad I went and bought this in the trilogy format for my Kindle so that I forced myself to read the entire thing through. I think I’m done with not reading completed series novels in a row: it works so much better if you just go through them all at once. But then, I usually feel compelled to re-read earlier novels in order to make sure I’m refreshed on the events that might take place in following books. I no longer have the time for that kind of reading, tho!

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