Bands Of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson

Just Goddamnit, Brandon Sanderson, why are you so good?!?! HOW are you so good?! I spent far too much time yelling at the book like it was an Arsenal match, it was that engaging. At one point, I pounded my fists on the table with rage. Really terrific installment. The Mistborn series just gets better and better and I have no idea how that could possibly happen!

And let me tell you, I’ve been Team Steris from the start, but she’s really terrific here, and I super love her relationship with Wax. Everything about this book is awesome. Even when I thought I’d figured out the plot twist with Telsin, there was more plot twist. Also, I’m betting the spike in the statue’s eye (still) has some significance. But no more, because I do not want even a breath of spoiler to get close to you, dear reader. Just go get the book and read it already.

One other thing: I was thinking, that if I had to boil my life philosophy down to a single author, it might be Sanderson. Not necessarily in the details of cosmological belief, but in the humanity and underlying tenets of faith and goodness. And his work ethic and humility just blow me away. He is a god among writers.

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