The Loud House Vol 17: Sibling Rivalry by The Loud House Creative Team

This might be one of my last reviews of this series, and not due to any change in the quality of the book. Quite the opposite: it feels like my reviews are becoming static because the content is so consistent from volume to volume.

That said, I don’t actually feel like this latest collection is correctly themed. While the Loud siblings certainly take center stage, any rivalry present is hardly between family members. Perhaps the most accurate story to the theme is Lynn It To Win It, where sports-mad Lynn Loud realizes that she’s won every sporting award her school has to offer. This spurs her to make up all sorts of bizarre events, to the detriment of her schoolmates, including her siblings.

The most fun vignette, Trendfretter, centers around fashion plate Leni. When she realizes that others are jacking her style, she goes on a shopping spree with her best friend to find a new signature look. I also really liked the opening story, A Cozy Compulsion, where Mrs Loud decides to teach three of her kids to knit, to varying effects. The stories featuring Lori off at college but still communicating with her little siblings were also very cute.

Overall, these are great reads for fans of the Nickelodeon show on which its based. They’re easy reads that can be used to help reluctant readers get more into the habit, or swift reads for people who want something light and humorous to page through while killing time.

The Loud House Vol 17: Sibling Rivalry by The Loud House Creative Team was published December 27 2022 by Papercutz and is available from all good booksellers, including

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