Fables: The Deluxe Edition Vol 10 by Bill Willingham et. al.

While I’m going to review the rest of the series as a whole, I thought this book merited its own review, as it contains the entirety of the crossover with Jack Of Fables and has a distinctly different tone from the preceding books, being very much more a metaphysical caper and thus closer in theme to the JoF series. That said, it also contains the entirety of Werewolves Of The Heartland, which I reviewed as its own book and which seems, honestly, a bit like filler. Extra material, if one is feeling generous, and saves the purchase of the standalone, if one hasn’t purchased it already.

Anyway, this is a playful look at literacy and its attendants, and is quite charming but, in my opinion, devoid of any pathos, which I find quite a necessary part of a complete literary experience. It will also make not the most sense to people who don’t already follow Jack’s solo book, so while it is an interesting addition to the canon, I would not call it essential unless you really want to know what happens with Kevin Thorne, the world’s most annoying writer. But it’s witty and dreadfully meta, which carries a lot of weight with some types of reader.

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