Fables: Werewolves Of The Heartland (Fables #17) by Bill Willingham et al

Not a great jumping on point for new readers, no matter what the press may say. I enjoyed it as a bit of filler story for Bigby on the road, and it answers a few questions raised by his time fighting in WWII, but I didn’t feel it was an essential part of the Fables canon. It was very interesting in its examination of insular white communities in the Midwest, tho it was all strictly allegorical. I dunno. Maybe that would have been enough back when it was published, but it doesn’t seem enough in these frightening times, with Nazis and anti-Semites rising to national prominence — and, horrifyingly, credibility — and threatening physical harm to Jews in small towns in Montana and Pennsylvania. I’m still coming to terms with the politics of Fables, and I won’t be able to write well about it till I’ve read the entire canon, so we’ll see. Obviously, Bill Willingham et al’s stance is commitedly anti-fascist. There’s a lot to parse, is all, in this examination of freedom and survival.

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