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Hi there, readers! As February comes to a close, we’ve got a terrific excerpt from a new romance novel for you. Workplace romance hits the road in this enemies-to-lovers romance from JN Welsh! Read on for more:


Powerhouse manager Leona Sable is the full package — smart and talented, not to mention sexy as hell — but her past makes her impossible to trust. When opportunity knocks in the form of talented EDM DJ Luke “The Musical Prophet” Anderson, Leona is ready to answer.

Luke Anderson needs a manager — fast. His last one quit, leaving his tour and his future in jeopardy. Now instead of focusing on his career, he’s forced to concentrate on damage control.

But trust doesn’t come cheap. Luke won’t sign until Leona agrees to his outrageous terms — including a no-sex-while-on-tour clause.

Dictating what she does in her personal life crosses a line. But Leona’s never been one to back down from a challenge.

One thing is for sure: if she has to suffer, so will he.

Let the tour begin…


From chapter 2 of In Tune by JN Welsh, available in paperback February 27, 2024 from Harlequin’s Carina Press. Copyright © 2018 by JN Welsh.

Leona scanned the small deserted bar. Faint ambient music played, further emptying the space. Even the quiet movements of the bartender spoke of loneliness. Leona was anxious to meet Luke and add some realness to the larger-than-life artist Abe had inflated the DJ to be. “I don’t see Mr. Anderson.”

“He’ll join us momentarily.” Tommy swirled the liquid and the ice rattled against the glass. “I wanted to familiarize you both with Luke’s present situation and the way he likes to do business.”

Abe drained the remains of his highball glass. “Tommy has informed me that because Luke is playing at Aurora Nightclub tonight, he only has a short amount of time to meet with us. Tommy works out of California, something you two have in common.”

“In common?” Tommy raised an eyebrow.

“I worked in LA for two years before returning to New York.” Leona’s fingers itched to play with her hair, and she wished she, too, had a drink. “No one ever remembers because most of my success has been here in the city.”

“That’s good to know,” Tommy noted.

“Tommy’s negotiating the terms of Luke’s residency, so the event and his performance tonight are important.” Abe’s speech carried with it the scent of cranberries layered with the tinge of vodka.

“Nice.” Leona adjusted her shawl as the chilled rooftop wind blew through her thin barrier. “Can we?” She referenced a modern lava-rock fire pit. The yellow and orange flames danced over the charcoal gray pebbles, beckoning her closer with their inviting heat.

“Sure.” Tommy followed.

Abe trailed behind.

They sat on the java-colored rattan love seat with white cushions that matched her outfit. The railing and deck glass allowed for an ample view of the city lights.

“Having a residency with consistent monthly appearances is a good sign that he’s in demand. Any reason why he didn’t choose Las Vegas? It’s a hot spot for DJ residencies.” If Leona were Luke’s manager, securing a spot in Vegas would be one of her top priorities.

“Good observation. Right now, Luke likes the vibe in New York and Atlantic City, but Vegas is on his radar,” Tommy clarified.

“I’m going to refresh my drink. Would you like something, Leo?” Abe inched toward the bar.

Leona would have loved red wine or whisky, but she wore white. To avoid the possibility of a crimson or rusty stain on her clothing she made the safer choice. “A white wine spritzer, please. Thanks.”

“You got it.” Abe left to get their drinks.

Leona was familiar with this chess game.

“Leo? Luke’s talented and one of the front-runners in EDM. As you can tell by the fans waiting outside the hotel to get a glimpse of him, he’s also popular. He’s approaching a level many DJs aspire to, but he needs real management. It’s what’s held him back for years. I can get the gigs and appearances, but he needs a champion to propel him forward.”

“Abe is the best in the business, so you’ll be well taken care of.” Leona tried to remain a queen protected by the knights instead of a pawn being sacrificed for the king. Check.

“Funny, he said the same thing about you.” Tommy sipped his drink. “Listen, I’m sure Abe is great, but your work is respected throughout the industry. The success you had managing Ramsey is epic. The way you not only grew his fan base, but also his net worth, is the bar everyone tries to achieve to this day. It’s the reason I suggested Wallace Entertainment to Luke.”

“I see.” Respected? Sure, she had an impressive resume, but after the way her ex-boyfriend and client, Paul Reese, had bad-mouthed her and Wallace Entertainment—claiming to the media that she caused loss of revenue and engaged in fraudulent transactions when they broke up—Leona wasn’t sure respected was the word anyone would use to describe her reputation. That was just the tip of the iceberg. Before the shit hit the fan, one might have even hailed that her work with Paul was the best of her career.

Abe returned and handed Leona a glass. “Here you go.”

Leona took a long awaited swig of her spritzer. The oaky wine added flavor more than any real potency.

“Before we continue, let me explain Luke’s management preferences, so that there are no misunderstandings.” Tommy again brought the glass to his lips.

Leona raised an eyebrow and peeked over at Abe. She pulled her shoulders back and puffed her chest, ready for whatever Tommy was about to share, when a man zoomed up to them. His swift movement startled her.

“Luke,” Tommy called and they all rose to greet him.

Luke was well over six feet, olive-skinned, and muscular with short dark brown hair. He was now the tallest man in their party. He wore a short-sleeved green tee shirt that partially exposed a random pattern of thick, black, curving, inviting lines on his forearm that merged together into an intricate tribal tattoo. His dark blue jeans fitted snug against his strong thighs and he sported a pair of trendy black sneakers with white soles.

“Hey, Tommy, sorry I’m late.” He put a hand on Tommy’s shoulder and leaned close to his ear. “I’ve been trying to put my set together, but I’ve gotten three calls so far telling me sound check is in an hour. Shouldn’t they be calling you instead of me? Anyway, I need flash drives to back up my music. I’m starving, too, so let’s get something to eat after this.”

The relaxed and friendly exchange between the two men made her smile. They interacted like genuine friends. Her first impression was that she liked Luke. He was easygoing with his agent, even though this was an important night for him.

“All right, man. I’ll get it all straightened out.” Tommy turned to Leona and Abe. “Luke, I’d like you to meet Leona Sable and Abraham Wallace from Wallace Entertainment.”

Luke shook Abe’s hand. “Pleasure to work with you, Mr. Wallace.”

The rooftop breeze carried Luke’s fragrance. A combination of musk, sandalwood, and patchouli hung in the air.

“Mmm.” Leona’s entire body melted into relaxation as if she had just snuggled under a warm duvet in the middle of winter. Whoa. Her potent response to Luke and his scent was unexpected.

Luke did a double take when he saw her. His green-gray eyes evaluated her and lingered a moment on her lips. “Leona Sable.” He stretched his hand out. “I apologize. We don’t have much time because of my performance tonight.”

The Internet didn’t prepare me well for this yummy-smelling hottie. Not at all.

Though a blush warmed her cheeks, she grasped his hand firmly, and shook it with a businesslike nod. “Hello, Luke. It’s nice to meet you. Please call me Leo.”

“Leo? Your name sounds familiar.”

Shouldn’t the person’s name you requested a meeting with sound familiar? You’re cute, but maybe not so smart. “I’m—”

“That’s because Leo does stellar work.” Abe stretched his hand out to Luke. “Her reputation precedes her.”

Luke turned back to Leona and twisted the soul patch of hair beneath his lower lip. “Who did you last manage, Leo?”

Leona couldn’t help but notice Tommy’s disposition change from confident to anxious. Since she’d assumed they already knew what went down last year, she hadn’t thought about how to answer that question, and opted for honesty.

“I’ve had success with a few clients. I haven’t managed in a year, but my last clients were Ramsey Fox and Paul Reese.”

Luke’s eyes narrowed and recognition spread across his features. His hand shot out and clutched Tommy’s lapel. “I trusted you to handle my management and you set me up with Paul Reese’s manager? Are you trying to fuck up the progress we’ve made?”

Instinct surged through Leona and she backed up. What the hell just happened?

Has Luke come in contact with Paul’s lies?

Tommy placed a hand on Luke’s chest to stop his exit. “We need to secure your management so you can focus on the music. I’ll take care of everything else, but we need Wallace Entertainment.” Tommy set his glass down and took a superhero stance, pushing back his jacket and placing his fists on his hips.

Luke squared his shoulders. “All right. He stays, but she goes.”

“Excuse me? Didn’t you request this meeting?” I was running for this jerk?

Luke faced her, his eyes changing from warm attentive green to angry gray. “I no longer work with female managers. Tommy knows this.” Luke dragged his attention to Tommy.

Leona felt her inner Queen Bey stir and the lyrics to “Run the World” almost had her doing choreography. “What did you say?”

“Luke, you seemed more open to the idea before. I’m asking you to reconsider,” Tommy reasoned.

“That was before I realized she’s Reese’s ex. I don’t need that drama and negative shit around me. I have my share.”

Paul Reese strikes again.

Leona attempted to salvage her dignity. “I don’t know what you’ve heard, but—”

“I’ve heard enough.” Luke glared at her as if she caused all his problems. Beyond offended, she was confused.

“What does my being Paul’s ex-girlfriend have to do with anything?” Leona braced herself for Luke to recant Paul’s gossip. But instead Luke honed in on her personal relationship. It wasn’t entirely strange but perplexing.

Tommy stood squarely between them.

“Okay, everyone, just calm down.” Tommy’s even tone interrupted before she could get an answer.

Leona eyeballed Luke although she spoke to Tommy. “I suspect these are the preferences you were talking about? Fine with me.” She pivoted to walk away. Her explanations about Paul ran out long ago. She was done trying to convince people of her worth.

“Hang on, I need Leo here.” Abe stopped her by the shoulders and turned her around.

“Luke, think of all you want to accomplish this year. Leo can make this happen.” Tommy’s voice was low and hard with encrypted meaning.

“Leo?” Abe’s stressed expression urged her to stay.

What did you get me into, old man?

Luke paced and rubbed his head as if to soothe his anger.

“Think about your success. The rest is bullshit, man,” Tommy emphasized to Luke.

Luke crossed his arms and once again brought one hand up to brush his thumb against the hair below his lower lip. “Okay, Tommy. I’ll consider it, but first I want to see what she’s got. She fails and she’s out.”

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From chapter 2 of In Tune by JN Welsh, available in paperback February 27, 2024 from Harlequin’s Carina Press. Copyright © 2018 by JN Welsh.

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