Cosmic Detective by Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt & David Rubín

Look, you hand me something with Matt Kindt’s name on it, I’m gonna read it, that’s just the rules.

For his latest graphic novel, Mr Kindt has teamed up with a dream team of fellow writer Jeff Lemire (who’s famous for a lot of acclaimed stuff I haven’t yet read. I’m SORRY, I don’t have all the time in the world and I’m doing my best to cover what I can) and artist David Rubin. And can I say that, knowing I was gonna enjoy the story because of who was writing it, I could really sit back and savor the art as I went along?

Small caveat: I had to read this on Adobe Digital Editions, which as we all well know is hot garbage. No way to properly view two-page spreads, so I had to do a lot of squinting and scrolling in an attempt to capture what the creators had envisioned for readers. Publishers Stop Putting Money In The Hands Of Adobe 2023/2024 Challenge.

Anyhoo. The book opens on a quasi-futuristic, not quite our world but close, urban street view, as The Detective reports to a crime scene. He’s not a police or city detective, but works for a special Agency. The murder vic doesn’t fit the standard profile, due in large part to the fact that the vic isn’t human and isn’t supposed to be able to die.

And that’s pretty much all I can tell you about the plot of this incredibly clever subversion of the immortal beings theme and their relationship with humanity. It’s smart and thoughtful and unafraid to tackle the concept of our place in the universe, with really astounding art and diverse representation. I loved the ending, even if it’s something of a downer, as it fits perfectly with the themes being tackled here.

Want a comic book that will make you reexamine not only your entertainment but also your entire existence? Matt Kindt always has your back.

Cosmic Detective by Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt & David Rubín was published October 3 2023 by Image Comics and is available from all good booksellers, including

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