The Snowman (Harry Hole #7) by Jo Nesbø

Why, yes, I borrowed this in anticipation of the movie, and while I never got around to watching the latter (and likely never will,) I can safely say that it’s much smarter than those insipid trailers. Also, oddly, I kept picturing Daniel Craig as Harry Hole instead of Michael Fassbender, who is just too darn pretty for the role.

Anyway! The book was decent, if rather appallingly dated in its treatment of women in the workforce (how things change in a mere decade!) The murder mystery was pretty easy to figure out, and I felt that the first two-thirds of the book made for far more compelling reading than the last third, in large part because I couldn’t really muster up much feeling for Rakel. I did feel very sorry for Eli, doubly a victim to violent perversion. And I did very much enjoy Harry’s determination to bring in the killer alive, a fitting punishment for a person who’d taken life from those who wanted to live. Altogether, an entertaining piece of Scandinavian crime fiction, tho certainly not the best example of its type.

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