Wicked Intentions (Maiden Lane #1) by Elizabeth Hoyt

For some reason, I can’t put this book in a folder on my Kindle, so when it was time to pick something to read on my flight home, I figured it was about time I got through this one so I could delete it finally and have it not clutter up my main page. Also, I’ve been feeling weirdly guilty about not reading the romance novels I’ve collected in the past few years: I feel like I’ve neglected that one genre of book more than the others.

Anyway! There are a lot of great, refreshing things about this romance novel: for example, I really liked that Temperance, our widowed heroine, really loves sex. Speaking of, the sex scenes were pretty hot, even if there was the one cringe-worthy scene in her sitting room where I was in a mild panic that her brother or one of the orphans under her care would walk in, completely mortifying her. I super hate when people in romance novels have sex in wildly inappropriate places a/o situations because lust overwhelms common sense. It’s one thing to sneak away to do it, or to try for a quickie, but the sitting room scene was just absurd given that they gave zero thought to privacy.

I also really enjoyed the subplots with Silence (she’s totally gonna wind up with Mickey, right?) and the Ghost of St Giles (who I’m guessing is played in turn by the Makepeace brothers?) I might read the rest of the series should they cross my path, but I wasn’t bowled over enough to seek them out. Good for a quick, saucy read, tho.

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