Yotsuba&! Vol 03 by Kiyohiko Azuma

Found this on my kitchen table this morning, likely unearthed by someone else in my family. Quick, delightful read centering on a six year-old in Japan and her daily life with her father, neighbors and friends. I thought the kids’ extortion of Jumbo at the Bon festival especially hilarious. Was also impressed by the clean lines of the narrative: a lot of manga have the habit of cramming things together so quickly that panel-to-panel transitions get unnecessarily confusing, but Yotsuba&! Vol 3 does not inflict that upon the reader: excellent pacing on the part of Kiyohiko Azuma. I’ll definitely be looking out for more volumes, tho might not necessarily make it a point to seek out more (as I still haven’t even completed my beloved Gakuen Alice collection.)

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