Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch

It took me two days to finish the last 5%, mostly because damn you, Ingress double ap, but also because I was neither ready for nor okay with the idea of a cliffhanger, which was where I thought the book was going. Instead, it goes one better and, while I still really, really want to know wtf Mellissa is (a genius loci in her own right?) I was, overall, very pleased with the way this book put the series back on track after it faltered, I felt, with Broken Homes.

Anyway, Peter Grant goes off into the countryside to see whether a hedge wizard was involved in the disappearance of two young girls, then sticks around, ostensibly to be of service in an all-hands-on-deck sort of way, but really to get his mind off of the events of Broken Homes. Then he finds that magic might be involved after all, and Beverly decidedly shows back up in his life, yay! I was pleased with the way the book balanced the case at hand with the overarching story, and dead pleased at more possible info on Molly. I kinda want to go turn up at Ben Aaronovitch’s doorstep and beg him to keep writing, which I know would be entirely unhelpful to both him and to my aim of having him write more faster, but that’s the place Foxglove Summer left me. More more more please!

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