Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher

I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads because I got so caught up in it. On the surface it’s a puzzle/mystery kind of story. A female author named Senna Richards wakes up on her 33rd birthday to find herself trapped in a strange house with an emergency room doctor who once treated her and then dated her. She soon realizes that the house is itself an elaborate puzzle that will force her to face her past, and the abuses therein, before she can find her way home. This ends up being a very long process because Senna is not someone who is open to facing things; she prefers to close everything down – thought, emotion, action – and be alone rather than risk being around people. The author, in my opinion, got it right when it came to writing about abuse victims and thought processes of those who have been abused. I think that’s part of why I liked the book so much. The puzzles within the house and the mystery of who had put her there were good as well. The only disappointment I found was the twist at the end. It wasn’t a very good twist, but the book is still a good read and worth the time. Just be prepared for the discomfort of facing things like rape with very clear focus.

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