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One Giant Leap by Thao Lam

Is Thao Lam the most artistic children’s book creator working today? With One Giant Leap, she certainly positions herself strongly for the title! Wordlessly witty, this picture book tells the tale of a young astronaut venturing out into space and the adventures encountered thereof. There’s a strange landscape to be explore, strange tracks to be …

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Thao by Thao Lam

This is a beautiful children’s picture book that tackles a topic very near to my heart, seeing as I’m only now embracing my own Asian-inspired name in favor of the Anglo one I’ve used professionally since I started getting paid to review books. In my case, however, the Asian-inspired name is a weird mess my …

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The Paper Boat: A Refugee Story by Thao Lam

This powerful picture book is a wordless recreation via metaphor of the author’s family’s journey from Vietnam to Canada at the end of the Vietnam War. Only two at the time, Thao Lam remembers little of the events themselves, but has taken her mother’s story and crafted it beautifully for this children’s book. Working in …

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