One Giant Leap by Thao Lam

Is Thao Lam the most artistic children’s book creator working today? With One Giant Leap, she certainly positions herself strongly for the title!

Wordlessly witty, this picture book tells the tale of a young astronaut venturing out into space and the adventures encountered thereof. There’s a strange landscape to be explore, strange tracks to be followed and strange animals to befriend. Ultimately, there are strange aliens to run away from. Or are they? Our intrepid explorer’s imagination runs riot, as we see in the denouement of this charming tale.

A large part of that charm comes from the astonishing attention to detail and texture present in the gorgeous collage art. I sat and stared at the opening pages for a good long while, admiring the almost tactile effect even on the flatness of my PC screen. I also loved the subtle incorporation of brocade, as a callback to our young protagonist’s Asian heritage. It was a lovely cultural touch that felt very meaningful to me as someone who also has Southeast Asian roots.

The rest of the story details the power of the imagination, with textures galore to draw in the eye. As visually arresting as it is quietly clever, this is a stunning little picture book perfect for any child who loves fantasizing about going to outer space, as well as for anyone with a love of the visual arts.

One Giant Leap by Thao Lam was published February 27 2024 by Owlkids and is available from all good booksellers, including

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