Just SNOW Already! by Howard McWilliam

This book is an utter delight! Just SNOW Already! masterfully combines straightforward prose with the slyest, most charming illustrations to tell an entirely different, layered tale of anticipation and of (hopefully) not neglecting all the wonderful things already taking place while you’re waiting for something “better” to happen.

Our unnamed protagonist is a young boy who shares the big eyes and bangs of my own youngest child. He really, really wants it to snow, as there is nothing more fun, in his opinion. His sister is less enthused, but gets ready to go outside to play with the neighbor while our young hero waits more or less patiently inside for snow. He runs to the window every so often, looking hopefully up at the grey skies… and absolutely missing all the intriguing and delightful things actually unfolding on the street in front of his house.

While the words themselves are already pretty great, balancing the narrator’s dramatics against his family’s more measured responses, it’s the illustrations that really shoot this book into the stratosphere. The multiracial family is terrific representation, and the street scenes are full of rich, wordless story. I loved how the narrator’s sister was busy living life while her brother pined, tho the book also provided a very valuable lesson on other ways to cope with anticipation.

I got my youngest child to read this book with/aloud to me and he absolutely loved it, tho he firmly denies any physical resemblance between himself and the protagonist. The language is perfect for advancing readers, and the illustrations provide plenty of fodder for discussion and imagination. I adored this picture book. It’s the perfect winter read but can easily be enjoyed year-round, whether you’re waiting for snow or otherwise.

Just SNOW Already! by Howard McWilliam was published September 1 2023 by Flashlight Press and is available from all good booksellers, including

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