Witch And Famous by Angela M. Sanders

I do so love how this mystery series goes from strength to strength, as our librarian heroine Josie Way learns how to control her witchy powers while helping out the citizens of the small town of Wilfred, Oregon. Bibliomancy isn’t just about recommending the right books to the right people at the right time, but it certainly is a large part of the duties that she gladly embraces as a truth-telling witch.

Her library is actually in a bit of a tizzy as Witch And Famous opens. The owner of the local watering hole has taken off for a tour of the South, leaving Wilfredians with few options for congregating. As Patty, owner of the This-N-That store, has decided to specialize in home appliances this season, she’s happy to host the occasional cookout on her store lawn, where her enterprising grandchildren Thor and Buffy squeeze as many dollars and cents from the adults stopping by as possible. But the hot weather also spurs the townsfolk to spend time in Josie’s library, which was converted from a manor house after a generous bequest. Josie doesn’t mind lively conversation and light refreshments during open hours, but draws the line at gambling tables and hard alcohol in the library’s kitchen fridge, no matter how many attempts at both are made in contravention of her rules.

Things get even more calamitous when a movie star and her entourage roll into town. Hollywood actress Daphne Morris has selected a romance novel pseudonymously written by Roz, Josie’s assistant librarian, as her next book club pick, a selection that is sure to boost Roz’s sales. Daphne is even more gorgeous in person than on-screen, and soon has Wilfred’s men swooning at her feet. To Roz’s chagrin, this includes her taciturn boyfriend Lyndon. Even Sam, the local sheriff — as well as Josie’s neighbor and long-time crush — seems to have had his head turned by the superstar’s arrival.

It doesn’t help that threatening notes and a stalker begin to plague Daphne, necessitating that Sam spend more time with her than before. Josie was already trying to figure out a way out of the friendzone she’s pretty sure Sam has placed her in, and is sorely tempted to try a love spell for the very first time. But thoughts of romance are driven right out of her head for at least a little while when one of Daphne’s entourage turns up dead.

Josie’s birthright as a witch compels her to help Sam as much as she can, even if it involves making nice with a person she’s growing increasingly jealous of. But when her compulsion puts her in mortal danger, will even her beloved books be able to save her?

Every book in this series has been better than the last! In all honesty, I wasn’t super in love with the first book, Bait And Witch, but really enjoyed the follow-up Seven Year Witch. WaF firmly places this book on my list of must-read paranormal cozy series. It’s so much fun, with utterly delightful characters (Buffy and Thor are a hoot!) and slyly humorous small town situations. Josie’s struggle with the ethics of love-potion-making were also really well thought out. I’ll be picking up the next book in the series shortly and am so enthusiastic about diving into this universe once more.

Witch And Famous by Angela M. Sanders was published July 26 2022 by Kensington Cozies and is available from all good booksellers, including

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