The Loud House #15: The Missing Linc by The Loud House Creative Team

Another cute if slight installment of the Loud House comics series, based on the hit Nickelodeon cartoon.

This fifteenth volume of the ongoing series is loosely based on the theme of Lost And Found, with Lincoln’s absence in the first and longest vignette sending his loving sisters on a frenzied search for him. Other of the short tales included here depict Lincoln’s classmate Zach Gurdle finding what he’s sure is a UFO part, Lola losing her stuffed unicorn, and Lynn Sr searching for his missing garden gnome.

My personal favorites of the stories focused on Lincoln’s relationship with his best friend Clyde. Their friendship is delightfully sweet and supportive, and is quite frankly #goals. The cute vignette involving Clyde’s dads building a chair together was also adorable, as was Lisa’s crashing of the Mortician’s Club book discussion. The closing story, with Lisa miscalculating a good swing push for Lana, ended on a thematically fitting high note.

The art is based very much on the cartoon, so is kinetic and bright. There are so many characters that it can be hard to differentiate between the Loud sisters especially. Fortunately, the handy guide at the beginning of the volume helps a ton.

This is a fun way to pass a few idle minutes, or for young people to continue sharpening their reading skills by enjoying a wholesome cartoon tie-in. Otherwise, I’d recommend it mainly for Loud House completists.

The Loud House #15: The Missing Linc by The Loud House Creative Team was published yesterday March 29 2022 and is available from all good booksellers, including

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