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The Colours of All the Cattle by Alexander McCall Smith

The Colours of All the Cattle

The back cover of The Colours of All the Cattle calls this book, the nineteenth in the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series, “the one with the election.” Indeed, a special election for a seat on the Gabarone city council dominates the stories told in The Colours of All the Cattle. The council is closely …

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Firefly: The Ghost Machine (Firefly #3) by James Lovegrove

Oooh, a novel set between the end of the series and the start of the movie! First, tho I’m a big fan of the entire Firefly ‘verse, I must admit that my grasp on the details is a little shaky, so I was seriously impressed by James Lovegrove’s commitment to calling back to details from …

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Shorefall (The Founders Trilogy #2) by Robert Jackson Bennett

Ahhhh, so lovely to slip back into the genre-bending fantasy-cyberpunk world of The Founders Trilogy, like a nice warm bath for my mind. The first novel Foundryside was one of my favorite books of 2018, and I was ecstatic to be able to get my hands on an advance copy of the sequel, which begins …

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A Second Chance by Jodi Taylor

A Second Chance by Jodi Taylor

A Second Chance, the third book in Jodi Taylor’s series about the time-traveling historians of St Mary’s Institute, shows signs of settling in for a set of tales that is going to continue. Taylor dials the pace back just a bit from madcap to merely rapid, she’s willing to develop the settings the historians visit …

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An Interview with Tim Lebbon, author of Eden

Q. Every book has its own story about how it came to be conceived and written as it did. How did Eden evolve? (No pun intended, but since I like puns, I’m leaving it in there anyway.) A. Ha! I like it. Well, I can remember when the notion of Eden hit me, and I …

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D-Day Through German Eyes by Holger Eckhertz

D-Day Through German Eyes

Holger Eckhertz’s grandfather, Dieter Eckhertz, was a wartime correspondent for German army publications such as Signal and Die Wehrmacht (The Army). Shortly before the Allied landings in Normandy, he visited that sector and interviewed quite a number of soldiers while preparing articles for the army’s magazines. After the war, he left journalism, but ten years …

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Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan

Come for the Alan Turing fanfic! Stay for the… um. Oh, dear. I knew going into this that it would be terrible, but I hadn’t realized exactly how terrible till I finished this utter nonsense of a 21st century novel. Ordinarily, I like to just review a book without taking into consideration anything the author …

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Eden by Tim Lebbon

Y’all, I’m not the outdoorsy type due to a huge respect for how insignificant we as individual human beings are in the great face of Nature, so when I read that this book was about a team of adventure racers illegally trespassing on a nature reserve essentially for kicks, I knew this would not end …

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A Bad Day for Sunshine (Sunshine Vicram #1) by Darynda Jones

That was both fun and surprisingly heartfelt! Sunshine Vicram has just returned to the New Mexico town of Del Sol where she grew up, after being elected sheriff in a race she wasn’t even aware she’d entered. Her parents, Curtis and Elaine Freyr, were convinced she’d be the best person for the job and “managed” …

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The Forgotten Door by Alexander Key

Forgotten Door

Re-reading The Forgotten Door was a gift to my third-grade self. It’s the first book of any length that I remember reading, and the cover was still lodged in my brain after all of these years, not that I would judge a book that way, no. I remembered the barest bones of the story: a …

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