Hoisted from comments: Father Boyd

Imagine my surprise!

Father Neil's Monkeyshines

“Hi, Doug, I don’t comment on my own books usually. But this is Eastertide. Bless Me, Father (5 books and 3 TV series) was a best-seller in its day, the 1970s. I didn’t expect is to be selling as many copies in 2019. And thousands watch the TV series on Youtube each year.
“I am adding 3 new books to the series on publisher’s demand, the first is out as Father Neil’s Monkey-Shines, the best of the series in my view, but authors’ judgements about their books are seldom accurate.
“I’ve never made public that after 1992 I stopped publishing but continued writing. Laziness? Wanting to spend all my efforts on improving my craft? All I know is a dozen or more of my best books, novels mostly, are sleeping happily on my computer. with titles like THE WORST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS and BAWDY TALES. I’m leaving my literary executor to do what he likes with them.
“I wish you well in all your many endeavors. PS My bestselling book was in Germany: Gottes Erster Diener.”

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  1. So. Awesome.

    I love so much when authors engage here <3.

    1. This comment makes me long for a Like button!

      1. Right?! Ooh, I started posting up book pics on Instagram and have gotten several nice author comments there, but I usually don’t know how to respond beyond liking their comments. My handle is dvalerisactual if you’re interested in taking a look.

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