Three Dark Crowns (Three Dark Crowns #1) by Kendare Blake

So I’d been avoiding this book for a while, despite owning another of Kendare Blake’s acclaimed novels (Anna Dressed In Blood, one of many on my To-Read pile) because, while the premise is interesting and the author’s reputation confidence-inspiring, I thought Queen Katharine’s power incredibly lame compared to the other two. She can ingest any poison, wooo, whereas Queen Arsinoe can command flora and fauna while Queen Mirabella can command the elements themselves. But then HarperCollins sent me this book in the course of my completing a survey on fantasy novels for them (with the caveat that they’d ask me several questions about it later on, ofc) and I figured, ah, hell, why not, it looks like a quick read anyway.

And it was, but not only that, it was good! Katharine’s powers in the blurb are deliberately underplayed, as is the fact that this book isn’t just about three queens (a la Black Trillium: shoutout to a classic!) but also about the people and politics they’re surrounded by. It’s a sprawling family saga with surprisingly complex relationships, distressing setbacks and shocking plot twists (and a love triangle that isn’t super stupid,) and I’m really glad I was, shall we say, compelled to read it. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the series, tho probably in the New Year, as I have fifteen more books to read and review before the end of the year. Adult me tries to tamp down my rising panic with the knowledge that young, vicious me would cry with happiness at the fact that I’m living her dreams rn.

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