Kill 6 Billion Demons, Book 1 by Tom Parkinson-Morgan

My husband got me this last Christmas and I’ve just now gotten round to reading it and, er, what? The best thing about it was Allison deciding she needed to suck it up and go save her idiot boyfriend, even if he’s kind of a crap boyfriend, because she’s a badass and that’s what badasses do: save people from unearned terrible fates. But I wasn’t a huge fan of the art, or perhaps with this presentation of the art: it looks way better on my PC screen than in a trade. And I spent way too much time rolling my eyes at the pretentious mythology that read like the drug-addled ravings of a philosophy major convinced that he’s not only cool but correct. I likely won’t bother with the rest of the series as I didn’t really care for anyone in it, tho the one trader turned helper at the end was kinda neat. I honestly don’t know why my husband thought I would enjoy this.

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