Fairest: In All The Land (Fairest Vol 6) by Bill Willingham

Cinderella is easily my favorite character in the Fables universe, so I’m always thrilled to read the stories that place her front and center in the action. In this stand-alone story, someone is going around killing the women who’ve been proclaimed The Fairest In All The Land, and it’s up to Cindy to prevent more murders. The disconnected business office is also somehow involved, and it would probably help the new reader to have read the first volume of the Fairest series to find out more about Hadeon (so I guess it’s not really as stand-alone as it might be.)

The Magic Mirror narrates the, ahem, framing story, and there are a lot of interesting narrative and story choices made throughout. My favorite, by far, was the conversation between Snow and Cindy at the end, where they discuss Cindy’s choices and their after-effects. This definitely felt like one of the more thoughtful installments of the Fables universe in a while.

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