Holiday In Death (In Death #7) by J. D. Robb

Another solid installment to the series. Loved the Christmas murder angle, even if I thought it was obvious, the way it usually is in Law & Order episodes, whodunnit. I also really enjoyed the exploration into Eve’s psyche: it’s nice that she’s kind of a horrible person but is working really hard at not being one (even if I thought that she was way out of line with Peabody, not necessarily when she yelled at her for Peabody’s dating choices but because of how rude she was when Peabody was, rightly, offended and stand-offish after. You can’t order someone to be your friend, Eve.) It also continues to wow me that anyone thinks Roarke is anything like a real person. I’m almost at the point where I’m thinking Roarke is a hallucination on Eve’s part, and that she really just happened to inherit a huge amount of money and this is her way of dealing with both her inheritance and her repressed sexual urges. Certainly a safer way of dealing with such than the perps in these books do!

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