The Wizard Of Dark Street by Shawn Thomas Odyssey

This book was so darn charming that I immediately went and got the next in the series. Oona Crate lives in Victorian-era New York City, or on a street adjacent to it anyway. Magic is inherent in her blood, but she would rather spurn her natural talents and the unreliability of magic for the cold, reliable reason of deduction. When her uncle — the titular Wizard of Dark Street and the man responsible for protecting humanity from the vengeance of faeries — is viciously assaulted, Oona is on the case!

Aimed at young readers, The Wizard Of Dark Street is a vastly entertaining read for all ages, with a very well-constructed mystery in a novel full of charm and heart. Oona is a plucky 13 year-old grappling with the loss of her family and her distrust of her own abilities. The supporting cast are fleshed out nicely, and the setting is that perfect blend of fantastic and familiar. I can see why this book was nominated for the Edgar and Agatha, and I’m really looking forward to plunging into Book 2!

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