Poor Doreen by Sally Lloyd-Jones

I was walking through the kids’ section of the Silver Spring library nearly two weeks ago, somewhat haphazardly selecting books for Jms while he was at school, when I came across THIS book. Honestly, the only major character I can think of named Doreen in literature is the crazy ass friend in The Bell Jar, so I pretty much leap at anything with my name on it (call it the aftereffect of never finding touristy keychains with my name on them.)

But a weird thing happened when I started reading the book with Jms. Honest to God, Sally Lloyd-Jones must know one of the default archetypes I choose for a role-playing character (optimistic, good-hearted, not necessarily bright but a shameless manipulator; the other, should you care, is a misanthropic sociopath) because she channeled that perfectly in Miss Doreen Randolph-Potts, the Ample Roundy Fish who is the star of this charming picture book. Jms and I loved her misadventures, as well as the pictures and the way both referenced the alphabet. Tho Jms is perfectly capable of reading on his own (he’s 4 and has been doing so since age 3, brag brag,) he prefers when I read it aloud, as the construction of the sentences here lends itself perfectly to dramatics. We liked this book so much, I might get “him” a copy for Christmas!

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