The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

I think I would have liked this book more were it not marketed as the next Gone Girl. On its own, it’s a decent mystery novel with an excellent framing device, but I was expecting something far more diabolical and cautionary than the “don’t marry a psychopath” takeaway which, while good advice, is also fairly obvious advice (as opposed to Gone Girl’s “yep, this is what marriage can be. Beware!”) Also, everyone in The Girl On The Train kinda sucked. All of the main characters were fairly awful, and I found Tom and Scott to be nearly interchangeable. I loved the beginning and the way pronouns were flung around for maximum mystery whilst still avoiding outright confusion, but by the time I’d figured out whodunnit etc about 75% of the way through (tho I figured at about the 60% mark the pattern, so to speak, of the murderer’s psychopathy,) I didn’t really care any more because everyone was such a selfish, self-defeating mess. I can root for you if you’re either but it’s really hard to do so when you’re both.

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