The Penguin Complete Novels Of George Orwell by George Orwell

Realized after I posted my last review that I hadn’t posted this one of a book I’d read earlier. Apologies. I briefly consider each book in the compendium below:

Animal Farm — It’s weird to think that I’ve lived this long, as voracious a reader as I am, and still have never read this slender classic in its entirety. Of course I know what happens as the book is a cultural touchstone, but this omnibus was missing the first five chapters, so I am still ignorant of its entirety. What I did read was thoroughly worthy of its status, tho! Oddly enough, the bff has never read Animal Farm end to end either: yet another thing we have in common.

Burmese Days — A stunning indictment of colonialism that is at once sympathetic to all the parties involved. Better than most Maugham, IMO.

A Clergyman’s Daughter — I mostly enjoyed this, and was quite impressed with his rendering of her. Another great examination of morality and choices, as well as the social circumstances of the times. Hard to read this without coming out of it with greater sympathy for the homeless.

Coming Up For Air — Hard to believe this was fiction, given how inhabited it felt. Wasn’t sure I’d like it, tbh, from the blurb, so was pleasantly surprised. Thought it ended rather abruptly, but was otherwise happy to just spend time in the narrator’s self-examined life.

Keep The Aspidistra Flying — What the hell was this garbage? Comstock is the fucking worst: a whiner surrounded by good people whose affection and devotion he returns with sheer awfulness. I can see why Orwell wanted this manuscript burned before publication.

1984 — Did not read this this go-round, but enjoyed it when I read it on its own ages ago.

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