Monster Support Group: The Mummy’s Curse by Laura Suárez

What an utterly charming book about learning how to listen to others!

The Mummy’s Curse is ostensibly the story of a stubborn young pharaoh doomed to remain trapped in her mummy form, possibly for all eternity. Anatiti, the mummy in question, is “celebrating” her 3000th Death Day with the other monsters of Deadbury’s Monster Support Group. On this auspicious occasion, she’s finally decided to admit that she needs help in lifting a curse that’s likely of her own making.

Back when she was alive, Anatiti refused to listen to anyone. She was chosen by the gods to be pharoah, after all, so who were mere mortals to try to tell her what to do? This worldview led, alas, to her untimely demise when she went to inspect the tomb built for her eternal rest. In a fatal stroke of irony, her refusal to listen to her advisors led to her accidentally triggering one of the traps meant to protect her remains, to deadly effect.

Anatiti is subsequently mummified with all pomp and circumstance, but her soul soon discovers that refusing to study while still alive means that she has no idea what to do next in order to make her way safely to the afterlife. And so she lingers inside her sarcophagus until the day a Victorian grave robber uncovers her and ships her to England. Said grave robber’s daughter, Pearl, discovers that Anatiti is still alive (after a fashion) and attempts to help, but Anatiti’s stubbornness gets in the way once more.

Decades later, Anatiti is stuck in Deadbury. Will the Monster Support Group be able to help her now that she’s finally admitted her problem?

This is an immensely charming book about the power of friendship and mutual support. Anatiti and Pearl have the kind of happily ever after that’s rare to read about, and is perhaps infinitely more precious for it. I also appreciated the focus on an afterlife not typically centered in most children’s books on the market today.

Complimenting the wonderful story and life lessons perfectly are Laura Suárez’s illustrations, which are astonishingly detailed and rich with color. From the delightful end papers to the expressive figures and diverse representation, this is a gorgeous picture book through and through. It’s a terrific addition to any modern library, and one I’m so glad I was able to read myself.

Monster Support Group: The Mummy’s Curse by Laura Suárez was published October 3 2023 by Flying Eye Books and is available from all good booksellers, including

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