Kickstarter Alert! Out Of The Darkness edited by Dan Coxon

We here at The Frumious Consortium are huge fans of Unsung Stories, one of the UK’s finest independent purveyors of speculative fiction, so we were super excited to find out about their upcoming project, Out Of The Darkness! OotD, edited by Dan Coxon, is an anthology of dark fantasy and horror fiction, raising awareness of mental health issues in collaboration with the charity Together for Mental Wellbeing. Not only are they putting a special edition out exclusively on Kickstarter, they’re also offering very cool bundles at different reward levels, including books by other Unsung authors such as one of our favorites, Aliya Whitely. There are also valuable chances still available at the time of writing to get your work critiqued by their editorial staff!

The Kickstarter is already fully funded (in just a little over 8 hours!) so you’ll definitely be getting your book, especially as Unsung ships worldwide. And since all the authors involved have committed to donating their royalties to Together for Mental Wellbeing, with editor Dan Coxon donating all his fees, more books sold means more money going to a charity devoted to helping people struggling with their mental health.

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