Feathered & Fabulous: Wit And Wisdom From Glamorous Birds by Alison Throckmorton

When I was first pitched this book for review, I was sent a pdf copy. Suspecting that I needed to hold this book to get a better idea of its worth, I requested a physical copy, and oh dear reader, it is absolutely the difference between seeing a picture of a bird and being gifted one!

For this is definitely a gift book, a beautifully produced confection of glossy, imperious bird portraits paired with pithy sayings that might have come straight from your favorite bitchy reality television program. Attention has not been spared from any aspect of this volume, from the foil-embossed cover to the delightful endpapers. It isn’t a deep or a long read, but it’s a delightful coffee-table-esque book for grownups that’s sure to elicit a smile and a chuckle from any bird lover who also happens to love pop culture (or vice versa!)

It is available as an eBook, and while I don’t necessarily recommend it in that format (the hardcover version is just so darling!) I can see where someone who needs a quick pick-me-up of sassy bird humor might prefer that. But I’ve never really cottoned to reading magazines digitally either, so YMMV! I do rather wish that the species of birds photographed had been included with each one, but it does make a good jumping-on point for finding out more about these gorgeous creatures.

Feathered & Fabulous: Wit And Wisdom From Glamorous Birds by Alison Throckmorton was published today February 9th 2021 by Chronicle Books and is available from all good booksellers, including

Want it now? For the Kindle version, click here.

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