The Oracle Queen (Three Dark Crowns #0.1) by Kendare Blake

Wait, that’s it?! No fair!

So this is the prequel novella to the Three Dark Crowns series, explaining why all oracle queens are now drowned at birth. Exquisitely written, as always, it also does a mean thing to us readers: it sets up a terrific protagonist then has everything go terribly wrong not only for her but for all the royal oracle babies who come in her wake. I really, really hope Kendare Blake means to redress this injustice in the main series, tho given her commitment to political realism, poor Queen Elsabet will remain forever wronged.

And I kinda wanted Elsabet to just fucking lean in to her “madness.” I mean, if they think she’s crazy anyway, why not just stab one of her many deserving visitors or plot actual treachery? It’s not like they could have her executed! But I get that she’s a good person etc. etc. and it’s realistic but oh, my heart hurts for her.

I should just go ahead and borrow The Young Queens now even tho I’m mad and sad for Elsabet. Ms Blake just writes so well that I want to keep reading despite my feeeeeelings!

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