Off to the Wabe

Perhaps to gyre and gimble. Back in mid-July.

In the meantime, I have become a supporting member of Dublin 2019, an Irish Worldcon. I’m gutted that I won’t be able to attend in person, but what can ya do?

Dublin 2019

I had an amazing time at Worldcon 75 in Helsinki, and enjoyed being a Hugo voter for the first time that year, so I am taking up the task again this year. I’ve already read two of the six nominees for Best Novel — Space Opera by Catherynne Valente (which Doreen also read) and Revenant Gun by Yoon Ha Lee. Doreen and I have both read the first Binti novella; the third one is a finalist this year. Doreen has read the first three Muderbot novellas; the second is a Hugo finalist in 2019. Doreen has read Beneath the Sugar Sky, which is a finalist this year; she and I have both read other novellas in the Wayward Children series. Among the Best Series nominees, I have written about several of Charles Stross‘ Laundry books. Doreen and I have both written about Yoon Ha Lee‘s Machineries of Empire series.

Good reading ahead as I pedal through southern Germany.

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