Time Shards (Time Shards #1) by Dana Fredsti and David Fitzgerald

Wrapping up the newest available seasons of Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow on Netflix (LoT has gotten significantly better in this second season despite still having zero regard for science and physics, whereas Flash in the Savitar season is godawful,) I’m a little leery of time-travel shenanigans right now. But like Fox Mulder, I want to believe! Fortunately for me, Time Shards came along at the perfect moment to prevent me from giving up on the genre altogether.

Told from the point of view mainly of Amber, a modern young woman from California who was cosplaying as The Guild’s Codex in England when catastrophe struck, Time Shards follows a band of explorers as they fight for survival in a world fractured by chronology. Any given step can take you from modern day to prehistoric times or any point in between. I really liked how much space was given to said prehistoric times, given what a huge portion they make of Earth’s history in comparison to humanity’s brief sojourn. I also really liked how well-researched everything felt, from the history to the science: when the guy who maybe possibly caused all this explains what he’s done and what the consequences still might be, I totally went with it. I’m not the kind of person who demands absolute scientific accuracy and realism in my fiction, but I do have some standards, and Time Shards delivers.

Oddly, the only thing I somewhat disliked was Amber, and it was less to do with the character, who is essentially inoffensive, than with the way the character is written. I much, much preferred Nell and Alex, as far as the female characters went, for being resourceful and capable. I think it has to do with how the writers clearly expect me to like Amber more than she’s shown herself worthy of being liked. I keep being told she’s awesome, but I’m not really seeing it: she feels like a supporting character, at best, and not like the heroine. Hopefully, that’s something that gets sorted out in the next two books of the trilogy, as I’m really quite excited to see where this goes next!

FYI, Titan Press sent this to me for review.

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