Rogues edited by George R R Martin and Gardner Dozois

A solid collection of stories, some better than others, but none, if I’m being quite honest, really a groundbreaker. My favorites were likely The Inn Of The Seven Blessings by Matthew Hughes (whom I’d never heard of before) and Tawny Petticoats by Michael Swanwick (whose Mongolian Wizard series I adore!) The non-fantastic entries were, I felt, weaker than the others, tho I really enjoyed Connie Willis’ extrapolation of modern-day society and pop culture with Now Showing. Patrick Rothfuss gave us a really strong story set in the universe of the Kingkiller Chronicles, but I felt that George R R Martin’s own contribution here, The Rogue Prince, wasn’t much more than a rather salacious he-said/she-said popular, if fictional, history. Overall, an entertaining collection of easily readable stories, even if some of them hew only loosely to the theme.

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  2. Thanks very much! I’ve contacted you via e-mail, as requested.

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