Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch

A testament to how good I think this book is: not only do I want to binge-read the whole series, I’m also willing to shell out the full price on Book 2, as it’s the only one with an absurd wait list from the library. I am voting with my dollar here, people!

Midnight Riot is a surprisingly smart, charming story of a young London cop who suddenly discovers he has magical aptitude. There are certain bits where I think the magic system is a bit shaky/belabored, and I don’t think the explanation of where the villain’s power comes from was explained satisfactorily, but there’s so much awesome world-building, and so much humor (plus Arsenal references!!!) that any flaws are easy to forgive.

In all honesty, Midnight Riot reminds me a bit of the first Harry Dresden book, only more intelligent and less pulpy. I’m hoping the rest of the series doesn’t disappoint me the way Dresden did, tho. Only one way to find out for sure!

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