Seven Kinds Of Hell by Dana Cameron

A cut above the standard urban fantasy novel. A lot of the books in the genre read as if they’re written by people emotionally stunted in middle school, but Dana Cameron evades the worst of the genre tropes to present an exhilaratingly globe-trotting paranormal thriller. It was also really nice to see an author care enough about her readers’ intelligence to consider all the possible loopholes in her plot’s logic. Which isn’t to say that this was the perfect book: there were still parts that felt a little too exposition-y a/o deus ex machina, and Zoe does spend an awful lot of time feeling sorry for herself, but the latter at least is somewhat justifiable given her circumstances (which is not something I can say for the sad sack protagonists of most urban fantasy.) I’m honestly looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series, which I’ll be borrowing from Amazon as well soon.

One thing I noticed tho: having to pause reading this for work, I found when I returned to it, that I felt like I’d lost a certain amount of momentum. I’m not sure if this is an urban fantasy or a thriller thing, but it was notable enough that I’m going to keep an eye out for this happening with other books in future.

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