Jul 04 2015

The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

Given my recent run of disappointment with books I’ve been rereading, this was quite the refreshing change! As muscular as I remembered, and convincing, it was yet better written and more complex than I’d given it credit for in my rememberings. And that ending! Once, I’d believed it incurably optimistic: now, I’m still convinced of its valor, but see better the layer of grimness that colors it. A terrific book for fans of sci-fi and, I suppose, dystopian fiction, with well-thought-out philosophies. The gender dynamics occasionally feel antiquated (if not outright condescending, particularly and ironically in Coker’s rant against the learned helplessness of women) but I imagine it was quite progressive for its time. A true classic, sci-fi/horror for adults, and miles better than most of the stuff being churned out today.

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