Nightmare Ink and Bound by Ink by Marcella Burnard

I was hesitant about these books, to be honest. There’s so much urban fantasy out there and new ideas seem difficult to come up with, or doing the old ideas with a new twist. I’m glad that I read both books, however. Marcella Burnard has managed to take tattoos, demons, magic, and evil angels, and put them into a new setting, one that’s interesting in itself, not just within the story. There are some tropes in there that will be familiar, but at this point in the genre’s history it’s almost impossible to avoid those. Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the story, which kept my interest and has me looking forward to the third book in the series. If you’re looking for a good way to spend a couple-three hours, these would be a good choice. The writing is still a little rough, but I can see that the author is going places with her world.

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