Game Changer by Mihir Bose

Mihir Bose is a terrific investigator, resourceful, thorough and intrepid. The amount of work he’s put into uncovering the facts and organizing the data is just astonishing. I only wish his writing skills were up to that standard. Beyond even the silly mistakes that appear more a result of slapdash composition than anything else, the chapters which involve large numbers of people — with the chapters on satellite rights and the formation of the league being particularly notable for this — are excruciatingly tedious and unnecessarily complicated reads. Not everyone can write a sports book as consistently engrossing as Moneyball, but a more demanding editor would have given us a superlative book, instead of this one, that alternately delights and drags, educates and irritates. Terrific if you’re looking to learn more about the English Premiere League but of little appeal to the casual reader.

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