The Powerless Series Omnibus (Books 1-3) by Jason Letts

A friend once gave me some good advice: life is too short to read bad books. She’s right.

The three books in this trilogy are The Synthesis, The Shadowing, and The Stasis. I got halfway through the second chapter of the first book and began wondering if I had the fortitude to continue through all three. That led to realizing that I had no obligation whatsoever to read all three, and so I promptly gave it one star on Goodreads and deleted the books from my Kindle. These are definitely Young Adult Fantasy books, but the tropes were old and worn and the writing was merely adequate, and it just didn’t capture me. There is so much stellar Young Adult fiction out there that no one should spend anytime reading mediocre examples.

Part of me will always wonder if I missed out on an especially tasty bit of world-building or characterization or even just good descriptions of Things Unusual, but even so, life is too short for bad books, and so I’m moving on.

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