Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez

This book offers a story relevant to current political issues as well as a peek into what the warfare of the future may look like. Americans are by now used to drone warfare; that is, drone warfare conducted by US. But what happens when the United States government is no longer the sole operator of these weapons? The scary possibility is that this technology will not just be used by hostile governments, but that they may be controlled by private operators who use them for their own agendas. This novel explores this possibility in great detail, and of course, there is a heroic team in charge of thwarting this fiendish plot, including an entomologist whose research on warrior ant colonies proves to have surprising technological applications. It sounds pretty far out, but it is actually inches away from what is already going on in the world. The story is riveting and easy to digest and offers some fascinating if disconcerting food for thought about future conflict scenarios.

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