Oct 25 2014

The Milkweed Trilogy by Ian Tregillis

This trilogy consists of the following three books (shocking, I know): Bitter Seeds, The Coldest War, and Necessary Evil. I enjoyed the books well enough, although it was yet another alternate history of World War II, with warlocks on the British side and German supermen with powers, and a dollop of time travel just to make things that much more interesting. I liked them, but they reminded slightly of another book I had read with a vaguely similar premise, mainly the alternate history WWII and Britain with warlocks bit. I got a bit tired of all the running around and time travel – it was frenetic, and the sorcery didn’t appeal to me for some reason. Don’t get me wrong, I love sorcery, just not has this was done.

So, that’s a lukewarm review for you, but really, it’s worth giving a shot because overall it is very interesting.

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Laura Eilers

Laura is Louisiana born and raised, and now lives in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan area, where she landed after forays to Hawaii, Florida, Texas, and Colorado. She has a BA in Political Science, an MS in Project Management, and an MS in Information Systems Security, but that's only because she failed to find a program in Voracious Book Consumption.

She dreams of writing a terrible paranormal romance one day, but knows that chances are slim she'll actually get there. Meanwhile she works in Cybersecurity and enhances her crazy cat lady skillz.

She is still not a robot. But then a robot would say that, right?

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