The Second World War by J.F.C. Fuller

This is a tactical and strategic analysis of World War II, a purely military history without much in the way of human dimension. It makes some interesting arguments. Fuller believes air power is wasteful, immoral, and ineffective at deciding military conflict, and that the best use of it is in cargo transport rather than aerial bombing. He also believes that the Allies made a costly mistake in demanding unconditional surrender of both Germany and Japan, which ensured that the war would be ferociously fought to the finish when it could have been ended sooner with a negotiated peace. He makes some good points, but elsewhere he comes across as the pompous ass he obviously is. He clearly believes war is a game for gentlemen, and what he deplores most about World War II is that it was clearly not a gentleman’s war. He seems to believe that such wars occur when the little people are allowed to rise up instead of being kept in their proper place. Obviously a book from an older era.

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