Sep 11 2015

The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski

It should have been painfully obvious to me from the blurb that this would involve retellings of fairy tales, but I did not realize till I was well into the Beauty And The Beast tale and then ZOMG, THIS IS MY JAM!!! Andrzej Sapkowski has written a terrific fantasy novel with a sympathetic hero, and reading this really enriched my Witcher 3 gaming experience (tho I still need to figure out what exactly happened with Triss Merrigold. I guess that’s what the Internet is for :P.) The only thing I didn’t really understand about this book was the ending. Maybe I’m just exceptionally dense, but I didn’t get The Last Wish part. I’m also hoping the subplot about the kid is resolved in future books, tho since DCPL’s Overdrive doesn’t have any of those, it’ll be a while till I get my hands on them and find out. Looking forward to eventually doing so, tho!

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Doreen Sheridan

Professional book critic, amateur housewife, full-time polymath. I like a good story.

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